5 Reasons Your Case Requires a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident, by a faulty product, or due to the negligence of someone else, you may be wondering if you should contact a Mississippi personal injury attorney or attempt to navigate your claim alone. Our attorneys believe in telling it like it is. If we feel your case […]


The debate over who should decide the value of an injured victim’s claim has taken a deeply constitutional turn. Supporters of the insurance industry’s lobbying efforts to place arbitrary caps on damage claims, for victims of car accidents, faulty products or other negligent companies, prefer for politicians (who have never heard a bit of evidence […]

Exploring Emerging Technology to Prevent Car Wrecks

At the end of the day, every driver wants to prevent car wrecks, and car manufacturers (and other companies) are increasingly offering new technology to help achieve that. Dash Cams Dash cams are video cameras that film the front of your car, pointed outward to capture the driver’s perspective. Typically they either sit on the […]

Caps on Damages—A Mississippi Case

Mississippi’s adoption of “caps” on damages took the issue away from the local juries that hear the evidence. It legislates how much juries can award in damages cases—allowing politicians to take away the jury’s power. But Mississippi courts are now questioning the Constitutionality of this practice. In the South, we love the 2nd Amendment.  What […]

Preventing Motorcycle Injuries: Reminders for New and Returning Riders

Riding a motorcycle is inherently more risky than traveling in an automobile. That said, there are a number of precautions that riders can take to better their chances of arriving at their destinations safely. Check out this article for tips on how new and returning riders can ride responsibly. http://consumerreports.org/cro/2013/04/10-motorcycle-safety-tips-for-new-riders/index.htm

Let’s Talk—Not Text—About Distracted Driving

Ah, the smartphone. A device that simultaneously makes our lives easier and complicates them. Over the past decade, we’ve all seen smartphone use explode. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen a huge increase in accidents due to drivers distracted by their smartphones.   It’s vital for parents to talk to their teens about the dangers of texting […]

What’s the Deal with Speculative Damages?

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit can be overwhelming and emotional. You’ve already got a lot of damages to consider: injury, financial impact, property loss, and more.   But what about the things you haven’t lost… yet?   For example, a plaintiff whose business has been compromised by a defendant’s actions could claim that, in addition […]

Know Your Nursing Home Rights

Having loved ones living in a nursing home or some kind of assisted-care situation can be an emotionally trying experience, for all parties involved. You want your parents or elders to be safe, happy, and cared for, but also to feel independent if that’s what they want. The last thing you should be worrying about […]