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Jackson Personal Injury Lawyers

Honesty Pays

Lance Stevens

Is there an honest lawyer around? Yes. Why don't you test our slogan and give us a call, or fill out the questionnaire to your right and see if you get unbiased, honest answers? You will.

You can navigate our website and get all sorts of information about us or about legal claims in general. But, in the end, don't you just want a quality lawyer that you can talk to and trust?

We do. And we are a lot like you. We have kids in school and college. We are involved in sports and charities. We pay for our car insurance and we get flustered about how much our light bill is. Our wives occasionally get mad at us. Whose doesn't? We love good jokes (even ones about lawyers). And, yeah, we like puppies, too. You will be shocked how easy we are to talk to. Like a neighbor, because we are your neighbor! Real people, real lawyers.

If you have seen our TV commercials, you also know that we don't like lawyer commercials either, so we make fun of them. They are fake. Some of them are downright clownish. And others are just not the truth. Some commercials are lawyers that do not even have Mississippi law degrees or Mississippi law licenses. Call us and we will tell you who they are and maybe tell you a joke or two about them. As you can see, we had a good time making our commercial.

Contact our firm for a free consultation to discuss your injury or wrongful death claim with an experienced Jackson personal injury attorney.

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Stevens & Ward
1855 Lakeland Drive
Suite Q200
Jackson, MS 39216-4938
Toll Free: 800.656.8173
Local: 601.301.2476
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